90’s-style must-have shoes have entered the chat! 

With warmer weather officially upon us, it’s time to get our shoe game on point! A new pair of sandals will definitely do the trick, and, this year, Dr. Martens is our go-to for the must-have sandals of the season.

Since the 90’s fashion fever is still going strong, we love how on-trend these new sandal styles from Dr. Martens are! The chunky dad sandals are officially here to stay and Dr. Martens has you covered. 

Check out our favourite styles and why you need them below!

The Forster is a nostalgic must-have because it’s the typical chunky dad sandal from the ’90s. Made to be ultra-breathable and light, it’s the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe – plus they’re super durable in true Dr. Martens fashion. 

The Voss Fluffy Faux Fur Leather Strap Sandals will give any outfit some added flair! This style is ideal for those who love to add a little faux fur to their look. Available in a tan cheetah print and black, it’s essentially the millennial and gen z love child- so fun!

The Mackaye Leather Strap Sandals offers a brand new take on the trendy yet coveted gladiator sandals. Designed with a tough shore sole and high-shine soft Buttero leather, this shoe will last you a lifetime and is both functional and fashionable.

The Francis Leather Strap Sandals are for those of us who want to add a little extra height to our look without having to sacrifice style. Designed in contemporary fashion, it features wide straps, statement hardware, and quad sole, which is perfect for any 90’s lovers out there.

Check out DrMartens.com for more details or to shop for the latest sandals from the brand!