Celebrities and their memorable pop culture moments are the easiest costumes to emulate on Halloween. It’s easy, funny, and unforgettable! If you need costume ideas, we listed below some celebrity costume ideas you can wear this Halloween.

Celebrities To Be For Halloween This Year

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Look

Pull up in the club in this all-black outfit and people will instantly recognize your costume. Nothing in here is mistakable and the best part of this costume? It’s easy to pull off. Not to mention that you technically do not need to put make-up on. To cop this Halloween look, wear a black dress, black tights, black boots, black gloves, and a black balaclava. That’s it. You’re set. 

Celebrities To Be For Halloween This Year

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Harry Style Feather Boa Moment

Another pop culture moment of the year is Harry Styles walking down the Grammy’s red carpet in head-to-toe Gucci accompanied by a pink feather boa. The 70s-inspired rock star look is easy to recreate since I’m pretty sure you can find all of the pieces at the thrift store. Get yourself a green plaid blazer, a knit V-neck sweater, corduroy pants, boots, and of course, the pink boa. 

And if the 70s fit is not to your liking, how about recreate Mr. Style’s performance look instead? This one is rather easy. All you need is a leather jacket, leather pants and a green feather boa and you’re off to your Halloween party. 

Celebrities To Be For Halloween This Year

Photo Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s Met Gala Looks (Couples Costume)

This will work best as a couples costume. Bring a friend or a partner and wear duvets together to a party. Talk about fall cozy! Again, these looks are thrift-store friendly. Grab a quilt blanket and wrap it around yourself and ta-da! You’re ASAP Rocky. As for Rihanna, wear a black dress, a beanie and wrap yourself with a black sheet or anything that resembles her Balenciaga overcoat. Get cozy and party the night away! 

Celebrities To Be For Halloween This Year

Photo Credit: Geffen/Interscope

Olivia Rodrigo Sour Cover

Olivia Rodrigo has definitely created memorable pop culture moments this year. After entrancing the world with her single, Driver’s License (and effectively making everyone care about some teenage high school drama), her album Sour and its cover are unmistakably recognizable. You can make this as your Halloween costume by wearing a pink crop top (bonus points if it’s fuzzy), a plaid skirt, layered necklaces, and some stickers. Seriously, just stick stickers on your face and people will know right away. 

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