Smartvita is a vitamin and supplement brand that wants you to not only look your best but feel your best. Vitamins are an important part of your everyday lives, with Smartvita you no longer have to second guess what your vitamins are made of, or what they are doing to your body. Smartvita is a transparent company that puts you and your health first. 

Do you take care of your body with working out, including some high-intensity workouts that impact your joints, well Smartvita has a joint relief supplement as well that is formulated with ingredients that you know including ginger and black pepper. 

The vitamins and supplements from Smartvita are made to support your overall health, wellbeing and lifestyle. Everyone needs vitamins, with the Men’s and Women’s Total Synergy Multivitamin you can stay healthy and protected with just one supplement a day, instead of many.

HOLR sat down with Smartvita founder Jerry Tran to learn more!

What is the best way to understand the importance of taking vitamins and supplements, for someone who believes they do not need to put in the extra work? 

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer on if you should take daily supplements. It can be intriguing to try, especially since there are so many who do believe in the beneficial effects of taking some of the best vitamins and supplements on the market. Even if an individual lives a very healthy lifestyle and maintains a proper diet, it is a natural phenomenon for us to still lack certain essential nutrients. This is where daily supplements can help boost overall health. Even fitness gurus and professional bodybuilders have implemented some of the best sports multivitamins into their daily lifestyle, which in turn has produced positive effects and enhanced performance.

Many people are used to taking many different vitamins a day, at different times and with or without food, what product do you suggest they transition over to your products? 

Many of us try to fill in the gaps to bridge the deficiencies in our health by taking various vitamins and the smart consumers out there even take them at various times of the day, so their body can fully absorb it all each day. Well, we did our research and took out the guessing game for consumers and tailored out what the men and women need into our best multivitamin for men – Men’s Total Synergy Multivitamins and our best multivitamin for women – Women’s Total Synergy Multivitamins. The product themselves also includes a built-in SMART  Time Release of 3 hours technology. What this means is that both the men’s and women’s multivitamins contain everything essential that the men and women need AND want and top it off with a 3-hour SMART TIME RELEASE, so that the body can fully absorb it all and we don’t waste all that good high-quality ingredients.

Not only does Smartvita make vitamins, but also joint relief, what about your joint relief product makes it the best? 

Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been the number one ingredient and the only ingredients in a  lot of the joint relief products long before my time. They are a good ingredient for joint relief,  but the issue is for the people that have taken this for many years. Their body is used to it and it might not be as effective for someone who is just starting to take it. Hence, we came up with a special formula that combines the ingredients traditionally found in a lot of the best joint supplements with something new, more potent, and with better bioavailability. Not only is it more effective for someone whose body is used to the glucosamine and chondroitin ingredients, but even someone new taking a joint relief product, it is highly effective and more potent, so they can feel that relief better and faster than just taking the traditional ingredients.  To add to that, the ingredients we use are clinically tested and proved brand-named ingredients.

What makes Smartvita a brand that people want to switch over to from their traditional vitamin supplements? 

There are a lot of brands in the marketplace, but not all brands are created equally. For us,  Smartvita is about having the highest quality ingredients, transparency, and being crystal clear in what we offer and why, and how we offer it. There is a reason why some of Canada’s national and Olympic athletes only take our products. If it is good enough for someone who needs to be performing at the peak of their health, then it is good enough for everyone I would think. 

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