The skies the limit in this day and age of invention, innovation, and custom-made fish tanks so when it comes to home aquariums if you can imagine it and have the budget to manifest greatness, someone with skills can most likely build it for you as you wish and envision it to be. There are so many amazing aquariums I can’t possibly list them all in this article but I will try to describe as many unique tanks as possible in this article. 

Beauty Brings Health

Believe it or not, the more attractive your tank is, the bigger the health benefits you will have because aquariums bring relaxing, exotic and beautiful wildlife into your home and office in a controlled and peaceful environment. According to recent studies, keeping a home or office aquarium invokes an environment of peace and serenity that promotes good physical and mental health. Essentially, the more attractive your tank is, the greater the health benefits you will have. 

Technology Inspires Innovation

New cutting-edge design and materials have burst doors wide open into a new and exciting world of creative freedom for anyone who has a reef tank or freshwater tank. For instance, consider the world’s slimmest overflow boxes that are currently available. The new Prodigy External Overflow Box is the next generation offering a cleaner setup whose very existence has enabled the creation of some of the most eye-popping aquariums ever created. Never mind the fishbowl on your work desk or tank on your kitchen counter for long gone are the days of yore when folks used to embellish their homes with old school cubical fish tanks. 

Bring the Best of Marine Life to your Interior.

Imagine, if you will, a dog house surrounded by an aquarium. Can you think of a cuter way to offer shelter to your beloved furry friend? Have you ever seen a functional piano aquarium? Imagine recycling such an old musical instrument and beautifully recycling it into a work of living, breathing art, that not only can produce sweet sounds and lovely melodies while at the same time soothing the soul visually through the peaceful flow of colorful fish swimming back and forth to the sound of musical waves and frequencies that surround them. Now imagine a fully functioning personal computer that doubles as an amazing aquarium or a desktop computer-powered aquarium that provides a comfortable habitat for colorful fish.

Fire and Water Do Mix

The stunning architectural fish tank that sits inside the Glass House by Razvan Barsan + Partners and Wigwam Design doubles as a fireplace creating the mind-blowing experience of watching water mix with fire without boiling exotic fish alive. Have you ever played a game of Baseball Billiards or Eight Ball on an aquarium pool table? It can be the best Christmas or birthday gift for anyone who loves to strike the ball while enjoying the comfort of fish gazing. Meanwhile, the Fish ‘n Fun toilet aquarium, designed by California-based AquaOne, gives new meaning to the fresh term, “Fire in the hole”. Basically, the cistern has a water tank that wraps itself around the inner tank, which doubles as an aquarium. The Fish ‘n Fun toilet aquarium has LED lights and a powerful filtration system that makes it totally cool if not totally twisted and gross.

Kitchen Aquariums Can Be Twisted Fun

Imagine watching fish swimming back and forth as you prepare fresh sushi in front of them. Twisted right? Absolutely and with the luxury kitchen island designed by Robert Kolenik, you can do just that by turning your cookhouse into a beautiful wonder of oceanic bliss for all of your dinner guests while creating a living hell on earth for the exotic fish swimming nervously below your sharp knife as you prepare spicy tuna rolls and nigiri sushi above them. 

Nowadays, aquariums are aesthetically beautiful and technically challenging. After experiencing such wondrous environments people are left in total awe and inspired by the extraordinary creativity and ingenuity involved in manifesting such unique objects that serve as functional living environments. Those are just a few of the jaw-dropping creations available to aquarium lovers, so, in closing, let your imagination run wild and come up with something creative and new that can turn the ordinary run of the mill fish tank into an extraordinary flowing work of modern art that boggles the mind while soothing the soul.