Are Clay and AD still together? Alleged recent footage of the pair is causing speculation among fans of Love is Blind!

Is Clay and AD together now?

According to this TikTok video posted by user @ashleyvera__, footage of Clay and AD together- seemingly from this past holiday season- has been making its rounds online since the latest episode drop from Love is Blind.

Is Clay and AD still dating?

In the finale episode, we saw AD say “I do” at the altar while Clay claimed that he could not commit to a marriage right now with AD. Previously, AD alleged that she could not see herself continuing to date Clay if he said “No” at the altar so during the final episode it was unclear where the two stood in terms of continuing their relationship or calling it quits.

Based on AD’s previous claims, it was assumed that the duo would break up, but this alleged footage of the two from 2023-12-6 shows the pair together and having fun. Supposedly, the show finished filming back in May of 2023 (according to a commenter) which means that it is likely the pair reconnected and either dated again or stayed friends after the experience.

There is a lot of speculation online regarding what happened to Clay and AD after the finale because neither of them has come out to confirm or deny rumors that they are still together. We will likely find out what happened when the reunion special airs. As of right now, there are still rumors floating around regarding where they stand:

Nothing has been officially confirmed but what do you think about the pair possibly reconnecting?

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Image credits: @ashleyvera__ TikTok, @amberdesiree Instagram