Outfits can get repetitive when the weather gets colder. Versatility in what you wear may feel limited when always forced to through the same winter coat over your perfectly layered fit, which is why we soak up inspiration from our favourite style bloggers on how to approach the chilly get-up with a little more uniqueness. Jovel Roystan is the perfect gent to gear us up!

Jovels 3 different but equally as warm fall looks:


To keep it monochrome is always a safe yet smart decision. You’d be surprised at how much an all black outfit get’s noticed, if done correctly. We love the contrasting materials and accessories Jovel mixes in to keep the look layered rather than flat.



Sporting a puffer jacket is key for added warmth, and is easy to throw over essentially any outfit.



Nothing makes a statement like a good wool/fur piece, and it only is more bold if in white. we love the mix of light tones that Jovel incorporates into this outfit.


Which outfit are you most likely to recreate?


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