The band released a new single which launched first on a space station and then for everyone down on Earth. There are also rumours of a new album release coming up by our favourite band.

LaNoticia (May 2021)

“Higher Power” was released as a refreshing and inspiring song about “reaching the stars”. “The song is about trying to find the astronaut in all of us, the person that can do amazing things,” explained the band’s vocalist, Chris Martin.

That’s why they decided to share their song first with French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, at the International Space Station. “Right now, we aren’t able to play for anybody on Earth, so we thought we’d just play for you” Chris told the astronaut.

Also, the band has hinted in an interview at Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp that they might have been working on more than one song during the last months. “I think if we’d spent the whole of this time just doing one song, we’d be… we’re just saving some announcements,” said Martin.

“We’re not supposed to say, but there won’t not be one,” said Chris about the possibility of this new album, which would be the follow-up to 2019’s Everyday Life Coldplay’s eighth studio album.

Chris Martin during an interview for BBC Radio 2 reflected on how the pandemic has helped him work on himself to confront his ego. He called last year an “eye-opener”. 

“I’m trying in my life right now to not attach too much to be a pop star. I’m trying not to get my self worth from external validation” he shared. He has also thought about doing what he loves and how grateful he is about it. “I’m personally so grateful to be playing in our band,” he said.

Have you listened to the new song? If not, here’s the music video for you to enjoy.