Is Coldplay coming back to Australia in 2024?

Yes! Coldplay is heading back down under after their massive hit performances in an exclusive Perth only performances in Western Australia.

And now the pop rock band Coldplay has confirmed they will be returning to Australia next year for a massive 2024 tour!

But Coldplay have left Aussies feeling “on top of the world” according to reviews of their Perth performances.

So, the rest of Australia can’t wait to feel that power too.

Is Coldplay coming to Melbourne 2024?

Check it out, the Australian tour dates have been revealed for 2024, so where will they be?

Unfortunately, so far, the band will only be in Melbourne performing at Marvel Stadium over two nights in October 2024.

Dates 30th & 31st of October.

Following their Melbourne concerts, the bandmates will be jetting to Sydney for another two-night show.

Live from Sydney’s Accor Stadium on the 6th & 7th of November and that appears to be it for Australia.

But it’s better than not getting to see them at all.

The band is also heading to New Zealand in 2024.

As for their New Zealand performance, let’s hear it for Auckland, because the boys are heading your way.

And that performance will take place on 13th of November at Eden Park.

Check out this set from New Zealand band Six60 live at Eden Park and it’s awesome, can’t wait to see what Coldplay will look like at this beautiful venue.

Is Coldplay ending in 2025?

Frontman Chris Martin has all but confirmed they will stop making new music in 2025,

coldplay frontman chris martin

Credit Image: Coldplay Instagram

However, Martin revealed that while they will stop producing new music, they will likely continue to tour.

So, fans of the iconic pop rock band will still be able to see them in future.

Can’t wait to see the band back down under in 2024.

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