Colleen Hoover has allegedly come out to address the controversies surrounding “It Ends With Us” movie and its cast. 

Fans have been waiting for Colleen Hoover, author of “It Ends With Us,” to address the recent controversies surrounding the movie adaptation of her book, and it finally happened. According to this TikTok video posted by user @lisa_hiser, Hoover addressed the age gap between her characters in the book and the actors cast for their roles.


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Fans were initially upset that the characters in the movie adaptation supposedly seemed so much older than the characters in the beloved book. Blake Lively (35) was cast as Lily Bloom and Justin Baldoni (39) was cast as Ryle Kincaid even though those characters are 23 and 30, respectively, in the book.

During a recent interview, Hoover explained why they aged up the characters in the movie so much and why she’s happy with it. Allegedly, this move was done to correct a mistake she made back when she wrote the book. Apparently, she was contracted to make the characters college aged so she made them young. As she started helping make the movie, she realized she needed to age out the characters because she supposedly “messed up.” She is allegedly happy with the casting and is a huge fan of Blake Lively. 

Hoover also addressed the cast wardrobe, as social media went wild after seeing the outfits Blake Lively was wearing as Lily from the movie. Allegedly, Hoover said she doesn’t remember describing outfits at all in the book and doesn’t care what they’re wearing. She is more concerned with the conversations in the movie and the story. She also said that social media users are seeing the outfits out of context but that everything will make sense in the movie.

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