Who Is Constance Martin and Mark Gordon? Baby remains found near an area in Brighton where the couple was arrested.

Aristrocat Constance Marten and her boyfriend Mark Gordon disappeared in early January from London. Constance was pregnant but on January 6th, authorities found an abandoned car that had caught fire with afterbirth and placenta in the backseat. Authorities put out a public plea for the couple to bring the newborn home safely. Sadly, baby remains were found close to where the couple was arrested. However, tests still need to be run to determine if the baby was, in fact theirs.

Who is constance Martin related to

Who is Constance Martin?

Thirty-six-year-old Constance is the daughter of Virginie De Selliers and Napier Marten. Her father Napier, was close with the Royal Family and his mother was the Queen Mother’s goddaughter.

Firends of Constance’s remember her as a vibrant and kind young woman but everything changed when she met a mystery man in 2016. That man happened to be sex offender Mark Gordon. Upon meeting Mark, Constance dropped out of a drama course that she was taking and subsequently started spending less and less time online and with friends.

Over time, Constance became estranged from her family and stopped posting on Instagram entirely. It is believed that Constance and Mark lived together in Ilford until at least 2020, where neighbours would frequently hear the pair screaming at each other.

Why Did Constance Martin Run Away?

Constance Marten and Mark Gordon ran away on January 5th after their car caught fire on the motorway. The car is what intially launched the search for the pair and their newborn baby. The couple were on the run for almost two months before finally being caught on Monday night. The pair was arrested by Sussex police in Brighton after someone saw them. At first they were arrested on suspicion of child neglect. However, after the baby remains were found, they now may be looking at a manslaughter charge.