Buckingham Palace has released a statement about Prince Phillip, age ninety-nine, being admitted to King Edward VII hospital due to feeling “unwell”, the statement also mentions that he is expected to remain there for a few days.

The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted into hospital on Tuesday evening, and according to Buckingham Palace, it was done as a precaution and he was able to enter the hospital without any assistance. It is also important to note that Prince Phillip has already received his coronavirus vaccination sometime in January.

Although Prince Phillip has had a number of health concerns in the past, including his most recent four-night stay in the hospital in December of 2019 due to being treated for a “pre-existing condition”, he has managed to stay healthy and active throughout recent years, in fact, his background in sports such as polo, cricket and hockey have moulded him into quite the health advocate. For this reason, it is no surprise that he was not only able to enter the hospital on his own but is also said to be “in good spirits” and will likely recover from this in no time.