A mini fridge is the fun appliance you never knew you needed.  With the Cooluli brand, you can choose from an array of styles, colours and sizes to find the perfect mini fridge to fit your needs. 


A product that is both functional and fun, the Cooluli fridges are both thermometric coolers and warmers, meaning that it can keep food, drinks or makeup/skincare products both warm and cold.  What makes these mini fridges extremely special is their ability to be mobile, making them great for travel.  You can bring it to work with you, in the car for a road trip or of course keep it at home — it’s useful AND mobile!  These high end mini fridges range in size, from a small 4L unit that is great to keep in your office to a large unit that is 20L which is great for RV’s or entertainment rooms if you have more space to keep it in.

All units include an AC plug for home/office and DC/cigarette-style plug for cars and RVs.

This mini fridge is great for beauty lovers as you can keep your skincare inside which keeps everything fresh, it prolongs shelf-life and keeps products at their best.  From serums, to jade rollers, to masks, your products will feel extra cooling and luxurious making them ultra effective.  Facial sprays will feel better than ever, and be extra refreshing and provide a soothing feeling to your skin.  Your skin care will feel like it is working better than ever! FYI: The top choice of fridge for skincare is the Infinity 10L.



The Cooluli fridge is also great for storing breastmilk and formula (making it more convenient to reach for at night, or easy to store for mom’s pumping at work).  You can also store medication or even towels to keep them warm and soothing or cold and refreshing!  The options are endless as you can keep your mini fridge in you game room, office, spa, vanity, dorm room, bedroom, use it on road trips, tailgates or barbecues or even for camping or fishing.



With  product lines including Classic, Infinity, Concord, Vibe, and Coco-Cola there are options for everyone.  For someone on a budget, there is the classic and affordable 4L option which only costs $67 CAD.  There are plenty options of colours, designs, prices and sizes that meet everyone’s needs.

Shop the Cooluli Mini Fridge here. Stay tuned for their latest releases!

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