Jo Malone the renowned perfumer has created another collection of perfumes for Zara titled Vibrant Cities. This collection is the second collaboration between the two companies, and Jo Malone wanted to create a scent that was nostalgic to what 2020 didn’t bring, and that was travel, exploring and meeting new people. 


Jo Malone is known for their representation of their British roots and heritage. The images of rolling hills, windswept beaches and art, culture and design are all wrapped up to inspire the best of the Brits. Jo Malone is known for scents that match Britain like oak trees, lavender, King William pears and much more. 

Zara is a worldwide brand that has become one of the biggest fashion companies around, belonging to one of the largest distribution groups Inditex. Zara is known for men’s, women’s and children’s fashion that brings a mix of styles that are on-trend or never out of style. 

For this new collection, Jo Malone stated, “This collection takes its inspiration from our return to the pioneering spirit of travel and the discovery of the vibrancy of life again.” 

Notes from the scents include the nostalgia and memories from some of the biggest cities in the world. Think, Venice, New York, Madrid, Tokyo, London, Dubai, all these scents are different and exhilarating for lovers of travel who miss it and want to get back to it. With the structure of the world right now, travel is still an up in the air itch to scratch, with these scents you can scratch that itch with a few sprays from the perfume. 


In this collection, you will be able to enjoy these scents not only in perfume but in candles, hand and body wash and hand and body cream. The 8 scent collection can fill your life with smells from all around the world, and transport you from your work office to the tallest building in Dubai, from the balcony at your condo to the streets of Venice. 

Now just in time for the holidays, you can gift your friends and loved ones, (or yourself) the advent calendar that includes the travel sizes of all the scents and all the products from both collections. These scents will bring you hope for the new year and inspire you to start travelling again in 2022. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine