Nicole Young Before and After Selling Sunset

The ongoing feud between real estate agents Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young has taken a new turn on Season 7 of Selling Sunset, with Chrishell now accusing Nicole of undergoing plastic surgery. This latest drama adds to the escalating tensions between the two Oppenheim Group agents, who have been at odds for the past three years.

he roots of the conflict trace back to Nicole’s claims that Chrishell was taking credit for some of her real estate listings. The animosity between them has only deepened since then, with each season of Selling Sunset revealing new layers of discord. In Season 6, viewers witnessed Chrishell slamming Nicole for alleged illegal drug use, prompting Nicole to undergo a drug panel to prove her innocence.

Nicole Young Plastic Surgery

The latest spat unfolded at Chelsea Lazkani’s 30th birthday party, where tensions ran high. Emma Hernan confronted Nicole after being labeled a “social climber,” and Chrishell jumped into the fray. In a heated exchange, Chrishell accused Nicole of having plastic surgery, claiming, “You rearranged your whole face. You got everything done.” Nicole, visibly shocked, fired back with, “You’re an awful person. An awful, awful person. You’re an awful human being, truly.”

Nicole Young Selling Sunset Before

Nicole Young Selling Sunset Before

While Nicole has not openly admitted to any plastic surgery, viewers and fans speculate about the procedures she might have undergone. Observations suggest a possible combination of Botox, a nose job, and a boob job Critics argue that her facial features appear too perfect, adhering to beauty standards and that she looks older than her age, attributing this to potential cosmetic enhancements.

Nicole Young plastic surgery

Nicole, who has been with the Oppenheim Group since 2014, maintained a relatively low profile until her appearance in the sixth season of Selling Sunset in 2022. Her decision to join the reality show after years of privacy has not only brought her into the limelight but also made her the center of controversy.

As the feud between Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young continues to intensify, the plastic surgery accusations add a new layer of complexity to their strained relationship. Watch season 7 of Selling Sunset on Netflix today.

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