Quilted clothes are a tell-tale sign that colder weather is here. These clothing items are puffy in between the stitching and usually filled with some sort of down insulation, making these pieces great at keeping you warm. 

Perfect for fall and winter. Not only are they puffy, but they’re cozy and reminiscent of preppy fall fashion, making them a prime choice for your cozy aesthetic.

With these, here are some cozy quilted fashion looks to try for the season:


Quilted Coats:

For those of us working from home the past several months, it’s become the norm to spend the day wrapped up on the couch or even in bed with our favourite quilted blankets. This trend allows you to take that cozy, wrapped-up feeling outside.

Outfit Suggestion:

  • Black (or your favourite colour) quilted jacket
  • White button-up shirt
  • Black skinny jeans or tailored trousers
  • Black or gray loafers


Hoodie: Fully Loaded

If you want to be cozy, break out a hoodie. Extra points for cashmere or knit hoodie that’s extra soft to the touch! For the ultimate cozy vibes, pair this with leggings, fuzzy slippers, slouchy socks, and a hot drink, of course. The outfit has already been planned out for you. 


Kraft Slippers:

Slippers are the finishing touch to your cozy aesthetic, and well, a soft scarf won’t hurt either! If you need to head out the door, swap out the slippers for clogs, grab your padded tote bag, and you’ll be all ready to hit the streets.


Coordinated Sets:

While coordinating loungewear is fun to wear indoors, it is not ideal for those of us heading back to work in the office. Channel that coordinated vibe with matching sets that are easy to throw on and go. One of our favourite pairings? A matching turtleneck and skirt.

Outfit Suggestions:

  • Plaid turtleneck
  • Plaid skirt
  • Wool-lined black leggings
  • Thigh-high black boots

Published on HOLR Magazine.