DeMar DeRozan’s daughter, Diar, had to be escorted out of the arena by security and her father following the recent Raptors‘ loss to the Bulls. 

DeMar DeRozan’s daughter Diar had to be escorted out of the arena by her father and security to the team bus following the Raptors’ loss to the Bulls as mentioned here. Diar was reportedly screaming every time the Raptors took a free throw- while the rest of the audience stayed quiet. Many people subsequently blamed Diar for the Raptors’ loss.

Here’s a video of Diar during one of the Raptors’ free throws.

According to this article, after the game, DeMar spoke with reporters stating, “I kept hearing something during the game. Somebody missed and I looked back, and I was like damn, that’s my daughter screaming?”

Following the game, the 9-year-old reportedly became the “target of threats” in which she had to be escorted out by security and her father as a precaution. Here’s what DeMar had to say about the incident:

“As long as she was there with her father, I wasn’t worried about anything happening. It was just a precautionary measure and I appreciate that.” 

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