Do Jess and Jimmy have beef? HOLR breaks down the alleged details.

From when viewers last saw Jess and Jimmy talk, it allegedly seemed like they ended things on a good note. When it finally came down to the season 6 reunion Jessica was asked, “Are you and Jimmy friends?” Jessica responded with, “I thought we were.”

She continued to explain that after the lake, they ended on good terms. Jessica shared she knew Jimmy would receive hate from the show and when she saw the extent of it she decided to reach out to Jimmy. The message she sent to Jimmy said “Hey, listen, I’m not finding enjoyment in seeing people drag you through hell”. She said she did feel like there were some things he should have gotten a hard time on but he did not deserve to be bullied.


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Love is Blind Jessica And Jimmy

Jessica shared that when she really felt disrespected was when she saw an interview Jimmy recently did. She said that in all her own interviews she only spoke highly of him, but when it was his turn he did not do the same.

She felt like he painted a false narrative of their experience. It allegedly seemed like the both of them had different perspectives on the experiment. After back-and-forth disagreeing it seemed like they could not reach an agreement on the issue.

Although there is no clarification if the two are friends now, they allegedly seemed to be on good terms after the reunion and taking selfies.

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