This show needs no introduction, but in case you have been living in lockdown without wifi….Schitt’s Creek recently won 9 Emmys this fall in one single night (breaking a record). As Moira Rose would say her favourite season is “awards”. In their final season of the show, they conquered the Emmys. Winning outstanding comedy series, writing for a comedy series, lead actor, lead actress, supporting actor, director, costumes, casting, and of course first time Emmy winner Annie Murphy for outstanding supporting actress. As David Rose would say “they literally stole the show”

As a long-time fan of Schitt’s Creek since day 1 and Dan Levy since Laguna Beach and The Hills After Show, I am more than thrilled to see them finally receiving the recognition they deserve. Not only did they sweep the Emmys it became one of the most streamed shows in 2020. I believe Schitt’s Creek gave a little comfort to lockdown. I am a huge tv binge-watcher with or without lockdown, but the first show I binge-watched for the 10th time at the beginning of the lockdown was Schitt’s Creek.  Watching the Roses lose their home, possessions, and have to be isolated in a small town made me feel less alone during the beginning of the pandemic.

To quote Alexis Rose “ I just…I miss my life! And I miss doing things. And I miss being surrounded by loose acquittances who think that I’m funny, and smart and charming.”

Annie Murphy recently partnered with Nintendo,  she is the new face of the Nintendo Switch brand. We spoke to her virtually via zoom – Annie shared how Nintendo has been helping her through the quarantine blues.

“I love the premises of the video because I feel like we have been living one big rainy day for the last 10 months, and having this Nintendo Switch, has honestly provided me with so much entertainment whether it’s a Mario Kart binge or it’s actually god forbid getting out of the couch and moving around with the Ring Fit Adventure or Just Dance 2021 which is my favourite.” Annie Murphy

Annie did admit she is “very new to the gaming world” she was “stoked but a little nervous” when Nintendo approached her. She describes herself as a “ complete grandfather when it comes to technology and figuring things out”. However, she eased into Nintendo Switch and soon it became her favourite quarantine hobby.

As Annie said it has been “one big rainy day for the last 10 months”. The days were no longer feeling like Friday, but more of a Tuesday. Nintendo Switch made Friday feel more like Friday again. Although we have been in lockdown Nintendo Switch had this unique way of making us feel like we have “gotten together” without actually being in the same room.

“The benefit of being able to interact with people you don’t get to see unfortunately in face to face these days- I think that’s a huge appeal. Especially for someone like my Mom, who “I don’t play video games” but the dangling carrot of being able to interact with me or with my nieces and nephews over a game is a very appealing thing.” Annie Murphy

Like the majority of us especially in the beginning of quarantine Annie described her experience as a “real rough go, I think what everyone has been feeling a lot of anxiety and a lot of sads.” Annie was quarantined with her friend Antoine who is featured in the Nintendo Switch ad with her (who is her best friend on/off air from theatre school) during March and April at the beginning of Covid.

“ One night we just moved into this place and we put a little fire log on the fire and we had our wine and we did Just Dance 2021. I know I keep singing their praises, but it’s become a large part of my life.” Annie Murphy

Annie raves a few times about her favourite quarantine game “Just Dance 2021” not only is it Annie’s go-to game she also thinks it would be Alexis Roses’s favourite game as well.

“I think I know like me her (Alexis) go to game would be Just Dance 2021, but I think we would be playing it for very different reasons. I am playing it to have a good laugh at myself and at my friends, but I think Alexis would be playing to demonstrate her incredible choreography, her incredible rhythm, her massive dance talent and I don’t think many other people would get a turn.” Annie Murphy

I replied, “ just like a little bit Alexis?” Annie answered laughing “exactly”. Annie also mentioned she wished “A little bit Alexis” would be featured on the Just Dance 2021 song list, she is hoping to write strong letters to make this happen. FYI Annie, I have a photo with the caption of the lyrics “hide your diamonds, hide your exes”.

A little bit Alexis may not be on the Just Dance 2021 playlist yet, but Annie did express she would be interested in potentially voice acting in a video game, we asked her what would be her dream video game voice acting role?

“Oh man that’s fun..that’s fun.. I think it would be a real challenge to voice every single Mario Kart character. I think that would be a real challenge in range that I do not think I could actually do…but it would be a fun exercise anyway. I make no promises!” Annie Murphy

While Annie raves about Just Dance, she also loves “Ring Fit Adventure” for staying active while we are told to “stay at home”. Ring Fit Adventure is a real work-out and gives the feeling of you accomplishing something rather than sitting on the couch all day. In the Nintendo Switch campaign, we see Annie playing against her real-life Mom. In the ad, her mom is beating her relentlessly, however in real life that is not so much the case. Annie states “that is when Debra Murphy’s acting chops came in hand”.

Last but not least Annie described what it feels like to be the face of Nintendo.

“Nintendo touched people in a way that it didn’t used to, especially in these times and I am so happy to be a part of that and to do my very small part in bringing some joy and happiness and positivity into people’s lives.”

PS- when asked who would win in a Nintendo Switch game night of the Rose Family, Annie immediately answered David Rose.

Check out her new ad with Nintendo Switch