Disney+’s Sketchbook is a new original series featuring six Walt Disney animators who will teach the audience how to draw iconic Disney characters.  

Learn How To Draw Iconic Disney Characters In Disney+ “Sketchbook” Series

Sketchbook is an instructional documentary series where animators illustrate their favourite Disney characters. The series has six episodes in total—one episode per animator. Each animator will teach the audience how to draw their chosen character while sharing their experience as a Disney animator. The intimate conversations will showcase the interesting yet complicated life of an artist. It will also give the viewers an understanding of how Disney’s beloved characters come to life. 

Sketchbook is brought to you by the creators of Chef’s Table

The new documentary series is in partnership with Supper Club, the same creators of the Emmy-nominated series Chef’s Table. “This series is an unprecedented look at what it takes to bring these beloved characters to life,” says Supper Club’s director and executive producer, Jason Sterman. Sterman and the rest of the Supper Club team are renowned for their intricate and intimate story-telling featuring world-class chefs in Netflix’s Chef’s Table. It is safe to assume that the same treatment was given to Sketchbook, so expect a visually stunning and emotionally captivating docuseries.

Learn How To Draw Iconic Disney Characters In Disney+ “Sketchbook” Series

Image Courtesy of Disney

Sketchbook’s executive producer Amy Astley expressed her excitement in partnering with Supper Club. “It was an honor to partner with Supper Club, whose projects such as ‘Chef’s Table’ create beautifully captured, intimate portraits of talented people.” She also expressed her gratitude for the Studious’ animators, “…every film starts with an idea, a pencil and an artist. And within the thousands of artists who have created our 60 films over the last century, every person has a unique and special story.” Furthermore, Astley who is also a senior vice president, Publicity/Communications, creative legacy & brand strategy for Walt Disney Animation Studios hopes to use Sketchbook to “demystify the art of drawing.” She hopes to make drawing accessible for anyone who wishes to pick up a pencil and paper. 

Learn How To Draw Iconic Disney Characters In Disney+ “Sketchbook” Series

Image Courtesy of Disney

Disney Animators Featured in Sketchbook

Sketchbook features Disney animator legends Mark Henn and Eric Goldberg. Henn will draw The Lion King’s “Simba” while Goldberg will show us how to draw “The Genie” from Aladdin. Goldberg will also share how actor Robin Williams impacted the character and the animation of “The Genie.” 

Animators like Gabby Capili, Hyun Min Lee, Jin Kim, and Samantha Vilfort will join the two legends. Gabby Capili will draw “Kuzco” from Emperor’s New Groove, and Hyun Min Lee will draw Frozen’s “Olaf.” South Korean artist Jin Kim will draw “Captain Hook” while narrating his journey as a colourblind artist. Meanwhile, Samantha Vilfort will draw “Mirabel Madrigal” from the award-winning film, Encanto

Sketchbook Trailer and Premiere Date

Sketchbook will premiere on April 27th, 2022 and will stream exclusively on Disney+. Watch the official trailer of Sketchbook below. 

Sketchbook is a Walt Disney Animation Studios production, alongside Supper Club and in partnership with Disney Animation. Jason Sterman, David Gleb and Brian McGinn are Supper Club’s executive producers. Amy Astley is the executive producer for Walt Disney Animation Studios. While Sterman, Leanne Dare, and Andrew McAllister act as the series’ directors. 

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