Disney+ has revealed the lead cast members of the new live-action series, Percy Jackson And The Olympians. 

Disney+ Reveals The Main Heroes in “Percy Jackson And The Olympians” Series

Logan Lerman in The Lightning Thief (2010)
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If you have been on the internet (read: Tumblr) long enough, and you are a YA fandom veteran like most late Millenials and early Gen Zs, then you’ve encountered the Demigods fandom. Demigods are what fans of the bestselling young-adult series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” call themselves. For years, the fans have endured the pain of not seeing the full potential of the series as an adapted live-action film. For years, the fandom felt nothing but jealousy as other YA novels (Hunger Games and Maze Runner) receive better movie adaptation treatment from Hollywood. Since 2010, demigods have accepted that the dream cast consisting of Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, and Brandon T. Jackson was not given justice in their portrayal of the big three. This is also why it’s common for Percy Jackson fans to refer to Lerman, Daddario, and Jackson as “the right actors at the wrong time.” 

The New Percy Jackson And The Olympians Series 

Frankly, their statements are valid especially if you rewatch the two painfully inaccurate movies from the franchise. So naturally, when creator and author Rick Riordan announced on his blog that he’s in talks with Disney for a potential live-action series, fans went crazy. The fans were even more excited to find out that Riordan himself is heavily involved in the making of the show. Because, unlike the older PJO movies, Riordan had no creative access to the making of the films. This time, the author will finally serve as a writer and executive producer of the show. He also made it a point to be involved in choosing the new faces that will portray the franchise’s main trio—Percy, Annabeth, and Grover.

Disney+ Reveals The Main Heroes in “Percy Jackson And The Olympians” Series

Aryan Simhadri as Grover / Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson / Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth.
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Percy Jackson And The Olympians Cast

 Last April, Riordan and Disney Plus announced that Walker Scobell (Adam Project) will play the titular role of Percy Jackson. Then, almost a month later, Disney revealed Aryan Simhadri (Disney’s Spin) and Leah Sava Jeffries (Empire) to play Grover and Annabeth, respectively. 

It seems that the first season of the series is based on the first book, “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.” In “Lightning Thief,” we discover that Percy who—-after discovering his new godly powers—was accused of stealing Zeus’ lightning bolt. With the help of Grover and Annabeth, Percy must try to figure out his new identity and divine capabilities.

Percy Jackson is a 12-year-old modern Greek demigod whose father is Poseidon. He is best friends with the satyr Grover Underwood. However, unbeknownst to Percy, Grover’s job is to protect and watch over Percy. Hence why the satyr disguises himself as a 12-year-old boy. The two enter Camp Half Blood where most demigod children stay for protection and demigod training. At Camp Half Blood, they meet the daughter of the Greek goddess Athena, Annabeth Chase. The three embark on a journey to retrieve the lightning bolt to avoid an impending war in Olympus.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians Production

Jon Steinberg joins Riordan as the pilot writer, while James Bobin directs. Steinberg will oversee the project alongside his producing partner Dan Shotz. The two will also act as executive producers of the show along with Bobin, Rebecca Riordan, Bert Salke, and Monica Owusu-Breen. In addition, Jim Rowe, Anders Engstrom, Jet Wilkinson, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Jeremy Bell, and D.J. Goldberg of The Gotham Group will also serve as executive producers. 

The Percy Jackson and The Olympians series will start production soon in Vancouver. It won’t be long till demigods can stream the show on Disney+. 

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