Sneakerella is a modern retelling of the classic fairy tale we all know and love. But instead of glass slippers, it features a glowing sneaker and a male protagonist who aspires to become a sneaker designer. Watch the trailer of Disney Plus’ original movie below. 

Sneakers or Heels: Disney Plus twists the classic tale in Sneakerella

Photo Courtesy of Disney

Sneakerella, Cinderella’s Modern Spin 

The question “flats or heels” must have been uttered for several years now by fashion journalists and enthusiasts. The same question must have also been heard inside the writer’s room at Disney. And the same writers must have expanded on this idea which leads them to create a modern retelling of a classic. Sneakerella, just from the sound of it, is the modern gender-swapped version of Cinderella. The new Disney musical movie ditches the ball gowns, pumpkin carriages, glass slippers, and a Prince Charming. Instead, they welcome New York’s sneaker subculture, a quirky best friend, hip hop/pop music, glowing sneakers, and a Manhattan Princess Charming. 

The new original Disney musical follows El (Chosen Jacobs) who is an aspiring sneaker designer from Queens. He works as a stock boy in a shoe store and hides his artistic talent from his abusive stepfather who does not believe in his creative abilities. His stepbrothers terrorize him all the time and his only comfort comes from his best friend, Sami (Devyn Nekoda). The plot remains the same where it focuses on the protagonist’s (Cinderalla/El) struggles until they had a chance encounter with a prince/princess at a ball—or in this case, a party. 

Sneakers or Heels: Disney Plus twists the classic tale in Sneakerella

Photo Courtesy of Disney

Sneakerella Trailer and Music Video

The modern spin of using sneakers is an interesting feat that gives a fresh take to a somewhat rundown premise. Instead of a royal invite to the ball, El joins a sneaker design competition at the urging of his best friend. The competition is hosted by a sneaker royalty family in New York. El, with the help of his best friend and a touch of magic, attends the luxurious party where he meets Kira King (Lexi Underwood), the daughter of the said sneaker royals. The two made an instant connection but were cut short when El had to leave abruptly. He then trips on an escalator and leaves his precious hand-made glowing sneaker for Kira to find. The search for the underground sneaker designer begins and the rest, well, that is for the viewers to find out for themselves.

Disney+ released the new trailer for the upcoming movie. It shows the campy yet innocent fun reminiscent of a fairy tale movie. Recently, Disney+ also released a preview of the new original song and music video for the upcoming movie. Chosen Jacobs performs “Kicks” in the movie’s opening sequence. The rest of the movie’s pop/hip-hop musical soundtrack will be available on May 13th. 

The Cast of Sneakerella

Joining Chosen Jacobs (It), Devyn Nekoda (Ginny & Georgia), and Lexi Underwood (Little Fires Everywhere), are John Salley (Bad Boys), and Juan Chioran (Elinor Wonders Why). The cast will also comprise Bryan Terrell Clark (Inventing Anna), Kolton Stewart (Locke & Key), Robyn Alomar (Utopia Falls), and Yvonne Senat Jones (Ruthless). 

Sneakers or Heels: Disney Plus twists the classic tale in Sneakerella

Photo Courtesy of Disney

Sneakerella Premiere Date

Sneakerella is a Disney+ original movie from Disney Branded Television. Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum directs and co-executive produces the movie along with Jane Startz and Rachel Watanabe-Batton. David Light & Joseph Raso write the teleplay with Tamara Chestna (who also serves as co-executive producer) and Mindy Stern & George Gore II. It is based on Stern & Gore and Light & Rasso’s story.

Sneakerella will stream exclusively on Disney+ on May 13th, 2022.

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