Kim Kardashian famously said she would “Never put a bumper sticker on a Bentley” but the reality star just revealed that she got a tattoo!

HOLR breaks it down below-

Kim Kardashian Tattoo Bentley

It’s official- Kim Kardashian finally got a tattoo after famously claiming that she would “Never put a bumper sticker on a Bentley.” Check out this clip below of the famous reality star talking about her secret tattoo, reposted by TikTok user @dashempire.


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Kim Kardashian Tattoo Quote

Kardashian claims that she got the inner lip infinity symbol tattoo the night of her SNL hosting appearance, in which she and her friends all got matching tattoos. She states that her friends got their tattoos on their hands but Kardashian didn’t want that so she chose to get it on her inner lip. “There’s not a shot I will get a tattoo,” she claims in the clip above.

Kardashian stated, “I finally put a “bumper sticker on a Bentley,” years after she initially claimed that she would never get a tattoo. Never say never, right!?

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