Doja Cat Calls Her Last Two Albums A ‘Cash Grab’ and Claims Her Fans ‘Fell For It’

Doja Cat offends her fans after claiming her last albums were cash grabs.

It’s well known that Doja Cat loves to tweet out a joke or two on Twitter but did the rapper go too far this time after calling her last two albums ‘just a cash grab?’

“Planet Her and Hot Pink were cash grabs and yall fell for it. Now I can go disappear somewhere and touch grass with my loved ones on an island while yall weep for mediocre pop.”

The past week, Doja Cat was teasing a possible new album which includes a totally different sound from her first two albums.

Twitter Reacts

Twitter did not hold back on the way they felt about this tweet. As usual, the fanbase was divided in two, some people found this funny and some were merely insulted.

Is Doja Cat Done With Music?

Doja Cat has made it known that she has tried to steer clear of the pop genre for some time now. While on her tweet spree, she also announced the title of her new album ‘First Of All.’

The rapper has been very open with her feelings toward the genre, she took to Twitter to confide with her fans about some comments made online.

A fan responded to her tweet:

‘I hope these comments are not the only thing that pushed you to go full rap…if doing pop and rap is what you like you shouldn’t stop simply because of them.’

To this, Doja replied: ‘Pop isn’t exciting to me anymore. I don’t wanna make it.’

Published By: HOLR Magazine