Donald Trump pleads not guilty to all charges.

According to the latest news surrounding Donald Trump’s indictment, Trump pleads not guilty to all 37 felony counts in the second arraignment.

a sketch of the precession of the arraignment. Donald trump and his defense team on the right. They face the judge and court workers.

Credit: Bill Hennessy

The Arraignment

Earlier today Former President Donald Trump attended his arraignment hearing in Miami, Florida for his second indictment.

He pleads not guilty to all 37 counts he is facing. According to CNN, The Justice Department recommended his release with no financial or special conditions as they do not pose a “flight risk” and Trump’s defense team requested a jury trial.

The Charges

Donald Trump is facing 37 counts of felony charges for allegedly retaining classified national security documents after he left Presidential Office and concealing documents, therefore, witness-tampering during the investigation. This is the first time a United States President/Former President has been indicted twice. Should he be convicted he could face life behind bars.

This TikTok posted by user @nbcnews details the latest news regarding what happened recently in the case.


Former President #Trump pleads #notguilty in classified documents case.

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The counsel entered a plea of Not Guilty on behalf of the former president, as noted in the above TikTok video. The proceeding will now continue so HOLR will continue to update you on the latest news surrounding Trump’s federal indictment as it arises.

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