The iconic British footwear brand Dr. Martens aims to bring out 12 variants of their classic boot named 1460 for the 60th anniversary of its release.

Dr. Martens EU

Most businesses are still rummaging through their idea carts on how to get teams to work together from remote locations. UK-based footwear brand Dr. Martens is in a league of its own when it comes to pulling off international collaborations. Having previously worked with labels from around the globe, including Canadian industry veterans Haven and the USA- based Bodega, Dr. Martens has something special for the month marking the 60th anniversary of their legendary boot model, 1460 (named after the date it was released – April 1960).

The manufacturer brings to spotlight the result of their latest collaborative project with renowned Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. Hitting the pedestal today is the 1460 YY Web boot, a remastered version of their classic footgear. This will take its rank among 12 other reinterpretations of the original boot planned to be executed by labels around the world, with one dropping every month of 2020. It is of surprise that the brand has roped in a long term collaborator, Yamamoto, to grace the anniversary month. The master weaver was the first-ever designer to collaborate with Dr. Martens and is also one of the earliest names in the fashion industry to bring the 1460 boot onto the runway from the music subculture circles (with stars like Pete Townshend of The Who sporting it on stage) in the 2000s.

Described as ‘a clash of two nonconformists’, this new design is the fourth collaboration of the 1460 Remastered series. The brand has revealed that Yamamoto’s habits of subverting traditional perceptions of fashion and gender work well for their unisex silhouette. The 1460 YY Web boot is crafted from a black Smooth Splice leather and is adorned with Yohji Yamamoto’s lasered spider web print—a minimal design uniquely identified with the designer. The unity of theme is maintained with a decorative antique spider through which the laces are looped; something that only this model will sport. The shoe tongue features Yamamoto’s signature while a yellow stitching and gold top eyelets add that final touch.

The collection drops on April, 25th 2020, and will be available at and select partners.