HOLR breaks down the viral Eddie Irizarry case, updates and what happened.

The Eddie Irizarry case went viral after it was reported that a police officer shot and killed a driver who had a knife. The below TikTok video posted by user @kenthicc discusses the details of the case.

Caution: Video contains graphic, disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.


Eddie Irizarry LITERALLY didn’t even leave his car! He never had a chance to even if he wanted to! These police paniced, k*lled him, and then lied about what happened. I hope his family gets justice ?? #news #awareness #police #philadelphia #pennsylvania #justiceforeddieirizarry #opinion #rant #realtalk #eddieirizarry #greenscreen

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Eddie Irizarry Full Video

As mentioned in the TikTok video, a Philadelphia police officer opened fire on Irizarry just minutes after a traffic stop. In the viral video, Irizarry went the wrong way down a one-way and was subsequently pulled over by two police officers who immediately exited their vehicles, guns drawn. Just a few seconds later shots were fired inside the vehicle. It is believed Irizarry was shot 6 times and as a result passed away from his injuries.

The now-viral video allegedly shows the initial traffic stop which ultimately led to the 27-year-old man being shot and killed.

Eddie Irizarry Case Update

Now, it is being reported that a judge has dismissed all charges, including a murder count, for the Philadelphia police officer involved in the fatal incident. It was argued that he was acting in self-defense as it was alleged Irizarry was holding a knife when approached.

The case was ultimately thrown out as it was determined there was a lack of evidence, as noted here.

What do you think about the verdict of the case? 

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