Elite’s new season evoked mixed feelings and reviews in the hearts of their viewers and critics. Many were anticipating more thrill in the incoming season, however, it seems they weren’t satisfied.

The much-awaited Netflix Original show, Elite, finally aired on June 18th, 2021. The few teasers that were available to get the audience hooked onto the new season certainly seemed interesting, Yet, the actual season itself did not receive a very positive response.

Naturally, due to Elite’s brilliant streak of three successful and well-appreciated seasons, the shoemakers had already set quite a high bar for the new season. Four of the show’s main cast leaving was most definitely a shock, perhaps even upsetting, however, the excitement for a new season was very much prevalent. In contrast to the positive anticipation of the continual of this show, viewers were discontented with the storyline for Season 4. 

Photo Credits: Netflix Life

The primary issue that viewers felt was that they couldn’t understand a bigger and more profound goal of the characters in the show. In the seasons before, the goal of the characters was to find the killer for Mariana and Polo’s deaths, while maintaining the theme of social stratification constant. This complication arose due to unclear characters’ motives which led to inadequate character development as well. While the new season is developed around similar motifs, it’s not enough. 

Furthermore, the “original” characters of the show are engaging in meaningless hookups and aimlessly coursing through parties. The predominant theme of sex and threesomes that the show often involves to make the content juicier, was also not perpetuated for a longer period of time as everyone who was aiming for a sexual affair- successfully managed to do so in the third or fourth episode. In addition to that, some of the breakups in the show, such as Ander and Omar’s were very doleful. We, as viewers, expected them to put up a greater fight to be together. What’s worse is that, with the entry of a new character (Patrick), their relationship fell apart. Although in hindsight, there was always a possibility of  Nadia and Guzmán’s relationship ending- we just wished they tried harder. This is because their characters were polar opposites. Yet their consistent attraction toward each other, and pleasing growth of their relationship was highly appreciated by the audience. It offered another side to the romantic spectrum of Elite.

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It’s no lie that the new characters indeed to the show had great standards to live up to. However, the new season was highly valued by the audience. There were many plot twists that were justified and kept the audience on their toes to find out more! 

Let’s continue to hope for and keep our fingers crossed for a Season 5 of Elite.