Elon Musk is known to do many things, including creating companies that are either just for fun or the next generation of products that will shape the world.

As of recently, Musk has become one of the biggest shareholders in Twitter, an app and social platform that he quite frequently uses, especially to make jokes, tell people what stocks to buy and of course update people on the new improvements he is making in Teslas.

Now, as a major shareholder, Musk is thinking big and business-like, Musk has asked, proposed and offered $43 billion for Twitter, that way he can make it a bigger and better company, and make it private.

“Since making my investment I now realize the company will neither thrive nor serve this societal imperative in its current form,” he wrote in a letter announcing his intentions to acquire the company. “Twitter has extraordinary potential. I will unlock it.”

What hasn’t had extraordinary potential when it came to Elon Musk owning it, for a lot of companies and a lot of businessmen, Musk is someone who not only knows when to take a risk but also who isn’t afraid to.

Fox business

Right now, Musk owns Tesla, SpaceX and probably many, many more companies that have made him the richest man on earth (literally). So, why does he want Twitter so bad?

Well as an owner of billion-dollar companies, and having many shares in Twitter already it is obvious that Musk wants to either make more money on his own money or actually change the way social media is handled.

Musk uses Twitter as a great way of communicating with society, and if Musk takes over Twitter he uses will find a way to use Twitter’s platform and make it better, more informative, more educational and much more.

Sure, Musk is just another billionaire who wants to make more money, but what if his way of Twitter is better?

Article published by HOLR Magazine 

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