Chris Evans Is Taking A Break From Social Media

Chris Evans has deactivated both his Instagram and Twitter accounts

Chris Evans doing press for his film 'Ghosted'. He's in a white cardigan with small teal, yellow and green stripes lining the collar.

Credit: ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Chris Evans

Looks like Captain America won’t be present for the Fourth of July weekend. On Thursday, Chris Evans deactivated his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Shortly before doing so he shared a message explaining the reasoning behind his choice.

On Instagram he declared “I’m going to take a break from social media for a while” sharing that social media has become somewhat of an addictive cycle for him and stepping away is him making a commitment to himself. He’s noticed he’s been spending too much time scrolling and his “ability to sit and be present and read books and watch movies and even seek out the company of people he loves is eroding”

He believes social media has become an obstacle to his career and is keeping him from fulfilling his potential; saying ” and in regards to work, I am capable of more and IG has become one of the several impediments to getting me there.”

Though Chris Evans has left our social circle, he has assured us that he will be back! He signed off on Twitter saying “See you soon! Much Love!?”, but before he left he expressed his concern writing “I’m not really sure this stuff is very good for any of us. ❤️”

Fans are showing their support for the actor’s decision to take some time for himself. @Truth_Exposer_ posted this to twitter


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