SZA and Travis Scott Dating Rumors

Fans have been sparking dating rumors pairing SZA and Scott Travis since Scott’s surprise appearance at SZA’s Manchester, UK concert this month. Fans believed he has moved on from his ex Kylie Jenner and is in a full-on relationship with SZA. Travis Scott and SZA are reportedly making new music together but have been known to be frequent friends and collaborators.

A fan created a TikTok captioning the video, “Everyone freaking out about Kylie and Timothee.” In the TikTok, the video transitions from a video of Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet to SZA’s recent concert with Travis Scott’s surprise appearance. Over the clip of SZA and Travis Scott performance’s, the fan wrote in text, “Travis and SZA yesterday…Making their dating rumors official on stage.”

People are shipping the two together in the TikTok comment section, with one saying, “Travis and SZA just make sense.” Others have left comments like, “I been saiddddd Travis and sza was dating since her first song with him they was giving off mad things in the song LOVE” and “Been shipping travis & sza since love galore came out [for real].”

Without any proof of the two dating, other commentators reply to these fans spreading these dating rumors saying comments like, “Do sza and travis know they are dating?” and “Travis and SZA???? Did I miss sum?” Regardless if SZA and Travis Scott are dating or not, the internet can agree that the two are  “#relationshipgoals.”

Published by HOLR Magazine.