At a time of crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic, Freed & Freed has stepped up to the challenge to provide people with masks at a very affordable rate. The company has launched a face mask division called aMask which is making adult masks ($15) and children’s masks ($12) available for all. The masks are two-ply, cotton-based and machine washable.


On top of making masks more accessible for all, they are also donating to the purchase of n95 masks for front line workers to ensure the most vulnerable are protected. When we asked owner Marissa Freed how COVID-19 has impacted her business, she said “The pandemic has forced us to pivot into what the world needs today. We are here to help in any way we can. Both the public and our staff. It’s a scary time for business but if we find ways to support each other I think we can all come through the other side.”

Freed & Freed is also donating 5% of all proceeds from their masks toward shelter PPE needs. Under Marissa’s leadership, the company felt it was imperative for them to pivot the business to help the community but to also do it in a safe manner. Marissa said, ” we are trying to support our business by finding proper avenues that are currently relevant, be sure we have work for our staff and at the same time assist the general public in staying healthy.” Masks can be purchased here.

Freed & Freed is one of the last remaining fourth-generation Canadian brands and their experience translates impeccably into their designs. The team at Freed has a unique understanding of design, construction and manufacturing of ladies’ and men’s tailored goods and outerwear. Their jackets and coats are timeless investment pieces with leading textile manufacturing innovation and technology.

When I asked Marissa how the brand has evolved over the last four generations, spoke candidly on the topic. “Fashion is constantly evolving as is technology. We not only try and keep up with the needs and desires of the market but also try and stay one step ahead. I believe part of who I have evolved into as a person also largely influences where we are headed as a brand. I started off in this business as a single woman and I am now married with 3 kids so I see the world differently than I used to.” Marissa is a powerhouse female entrepreneur and we look forward to seeing where Freed & Freed will head next. Check out their current collection here.

FREED & FREED to supply over 10,000 N95 masks amid Covid-19 pandemic