The Australian brand Fortunate One is blowing up on Instagram and TikTok. Fortunate One has been an online retailer of clothing, accessories, and swimwear since 2016. Using social media to their advantage they have managed to create an online retail space that has captured customers worldwide to shop their looks all summer (year) long. 

Fortunate One is a brand that doesn’t want summer to end, and it never has to. If you want that feeling of sand between your toes, and the sun in your face all you need is some pieces from the brand that scream endless summer. Through their online platform, they have managed to make the best of the last year, creating videos on TikTok that have created a more organic and natural experience with their customers. 

Having a brand that is online allows for it to engage with its customers more, and we’re going to show you some of our favourite looks from the brand’s Instagram page. 

The Sabrina Jumpsuit ($72): 

Jumpsuits have and might always be all the rave, they can be classy, and comfortable at the same time. This jumpsuit can be for a day shopping their strip or a coverup after the beach. With thick shoulder straps and a bow tie back, this all-white cotton jumpsuit is something everyone needs. 

Marseille Dress ($75): 

The perfect picnic dress does exist. This strappy, v cut floral dress is the perfect day wear. The tie at the front gives it that little extra detail. The floral print with the patched undertone makes it different from all the other dresses. 

Dove and Olive Midi Dress ($69): 

Everyone loves a good white dress, especially ones that are long, flowy and has lace accents throughout. This is the perfect everything dress, going out, day or night this is a dress that can be worn with anything. Cold, throw on a jean jacket. Spending the day touring, pair it with a cute sneaker. 

Isles of Ebony Knit Cardigan Sage ($75): 

Everyone loves a cute cardigan, especially a cropped one. This two-tone sage green cardigan is the perfect top duo to any bottoms. The cotton, full-button cardigan is a dream, especially in

green. The neutral colour pattern can go well with almost everything, especially a light-washed denim. 

If you can’t wait for summer like us and want to bask in the sun with lace and prints all year round, Fortunate One is the brand that captures it all in one. For more fun and styles, check out their Instagram @fortunateonestore and their TikTok @FortunateOne.