Why is George Santos trending? HOLR breaks it down.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @msnbc, Republican Congressman George Santos is not seeking reelection after a bombshell ethics report was supposedly exposed.


BREAKING: George Santos says he won’t seek re-election after an ethics report found evidence he broke the law. Santos writing he will continue to serve his constituents “up until I am allowed.” Ryan Nobles reports on the “shocking news” and plans to introduce new resolutions to expel Santos from office. #GeorgeSantos #GOP

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George Santos Latest News

The report, which was released by the House Ethics Committee, reportedly goes into detail about the problems and issues they believe Santos was involved in. Many of which they believe are allegedly “not becoming of a member of the United States Congress,” as noted in the TikTok video. As mentioned, the House Ethics Committee is comprised of an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.

As noted in this article, the report alleges Santos did things such as spend campaign money on frivolous items such as “Botox treatments, luxury fashion, and trips.” He also allegedly hired one of his own companies to work for his campaign in which he used the payment to “pay credit card debt and make purchases from brands such as Hermes, OnlyFans, and Sephora.” This is in addition to other allegations.

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Allegedly, there are supposedly plans already underway to introduce new resolutions to expel Santos from office. As the TikTok video notes, it is surprising to note that Santos will not seek reelection because he was so insistent that he wasn’t going anywhere- despite these issues and bombshell claims surrounding him. This was up until he released a statement earlier that claimed he would serve his constituents up until the time he is allowed- supposedly alluding to the fact that he could be pushed out soon.

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