According to a new blind item claim, Gigi Hadid is allegedly not happy with friend Patrick Ta being friends with Alix Earle.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @laurenisgossip, makeup artist Ta allegedly has to downplay his “budding” relationship with influencer Earle in front of long-term friend and client Hadid.


Gigi Hadid DOES NOT like MUA & BFF Patrick Ta hanging out with Alix Earle and now Patrick feels like he has to DOWN PLAY the relationship…YIKES #alixearlegrwm #gigihadidstyle #patrickta

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The blind item claim went viral after being posted on @deuxmoi. The blind item claims that Hadid allegedly “rolled her eyes and scoffed” when she heard that Ta was working with Earle. The blind item also alleges that Ta feels as if he reportedly has to downplay his relationship with Earle in order to seem more respected in the industry.

Ta got really close with Earle this year after the duo posted multiple videos getting ready together on social platforms such as TikTok.


He doesn’t know what a pub sub is .. TEA #grwm #umiami #patrickta

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Although there is no concrete evidence to support this claim, what do you think about the supposed rumors surrounding the stars?

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