Google has done it again; Google found a way to celebrate a woman that has literally changed the world for all women finding it hard to conceive. For years women have struggled with conceiving, so nothing but another woman would find a way to help future mothers to have children. Google dotted on finding a way to honor this milestone achievement by dedicating the day’s Doodle to Mclaren on her 94th birthday to the scientist. 

Mclaren’s passion for science grew during her zoology studies at the University of Oxford. The in the 1950’s Anne Mclaren laid the foundation for in-vitro fertilization technology, she helped show that it was possible to grow healthy embryos outside the womb. Her theory proved noble by using mice as research subjects, working tirelessly with colleague John Biggers. Furthermore, in 1991 became the first woman ever to hold office in the scientific institution in the Royal Society, she was elected president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.  Our lady dies in 2007 at the age of 80, during a car accident with her husband Donald Michie. 

A Doodle being an honor celebrating significant people in History. Google sent a message saying, “Her fundamental research on embryology has helped countless people realize their dreams of parenthood”.

“Happy Birthday, Anne Mclaren. Thank you for all your incredible work and for inspiring many new generations to come because of it” Google added.  

Not anyone in our generation would really know who the woman was that changed modern science, Mclaren is considered one of the most significant reproductive biologists of the 20th century.