In GOOP we trust, and if Gwyneth Paltrow is giving away all her secrets you can count us in. GOOP is doing its annual summit where members of the GOOP team and celebrities alike come together to share all their secrets about health, sex, beauty, food and more. 


On Saturday, June 26th, you can connect your bodies virtually with classes, conversations, Q&As, masterclasses, talks and workouts all provided by the brains at GOOP. The summit will include an ‘ask me anything Q&A with GOOP’s founder Mrs. Paltrow herself in partnership with Maple Hill Creamery a clean, organic, low-no sugar and dairy-free product company. In addition, you can participate in a keynote fireside conversation with Grammy Award Winning Artist Alicia Keys, talking with Paltrow about her Keys Soulcare brand. 

If that doesn’t already sound amazing, there will also be a live session with Black Girls Breathing founder Jasmine Marie, sex and intimacy teacher Michaela Boehm, naturopathic doctor Nigma Talib AND nutritionist Shira Barlow. This includes a Q&A on sexual well-being, in partnership with Nyssa- a brand dedicated to providing women with the tools they need during transformative times. 

To top it all off, participants will have access to a styling session with GOOP’s fashion director Ali Pew. This styling session is in partnership with PUMA and features pieces that will be in the upcoming collaboration of GOOP x PUMA. 

As this In GOOP Health session is about connecting to your bodies, videos will be released throughout between June 26-July 26th showcasing workouts, masterclasses, talks and much more. With additional talks from members of the GOOP team, including a beauty for body tutorial with beauty executive Jean Godfrey-June and a cooking video with the food direction Caitlin O’Malley. 

GOOP is lining up everything that benefits you, including lymphatic massage with specialist Lisa Levitt Gainsley, and physical therapy with Olympic coach Yana Blinova. Tickets to join this once-in-a-lifetime home summit session are available at

Different passes can be ordered the all-contents pass ($50) includes access to more than 15 sessions, masterclasses and Q&As, Paltrow and Alicia Keys intimate conversation, digital program guide and many more perks. The discounted pass ($5) includes everything from the all-content pass but is for a marginalized group or if you’re on a tight budget. The final pass is the US Content and Kit Pass ($250), this includes everything from the all-access plus a gift box with special body and beauty tools.

A lifestyle brand curated by someone with a lifestyle like no other GOOP was created for people wanting to live their best lives, when talking about health, beauty, sex, food and travel, Gwyneth is the person to bring all the answer to you through this at-home summit, you won’t want to miss this!