This year like every year, when the Grammy nominations are released, the fans, and of course the artists are in shock about the nominations being received, even if they have no shot in winning them. 

Each year you have your basics, with someone coming out on top with the most nominations, and someone getting at least one who is just a complete shock to everyone.

Out of the 83 awards given, the audience (at home) mostly only gets to see about 20 of them during the broadcast as some are announced pre-show. For viewers, the most important are the handful of big awards. Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Artist of the year, song of the year. These big categories are most likely the only categories that truly matter, especially if you came out with a record-breaking album.


This year a few names come to mind in the long list of Grammy-nominated artists, names we’ve heard before and others that are new. 17-year-old Olivia Rodrigo set a record for herself with 7 Grammy nominations for her heart-break (debut) album Sour. From the looks of it, this could mean that Olivia is the next Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish is a 17-time Grammy-nominated artist, a 7-time winner and has been nominated for 7 more this year. Billie has been known to sweep the awards at the Grammys and possibly could sweep up Record and Album of the year at this year’s show.

A new name to the list of Grammy Nominated artists is Barack Obama the 44th president of the united states. This may sound new to you, but Obama has been nominated a total of 3 times in the category Spoken Word.

All these artists are always breaking records and you can watch these records be broken on January 31st 2022.

Article published by HOLR Magazine