Gucci and North Face released their campaign just last week and everyone wants to get their hands on anything and everything. The house released photos of the collaborations showing the classic monogrammed logo on many classic North Face pieces. 

This collaboration could be one of the best of the year, as the looks that these two brands have created are timeless and functional. Gucci’s aesthetic of maximalism and North Face’s aesthetic of performance wear is the perfect blend of the two brands, showing that these pieces are steering fashion right into the skid. 

Fashion, if you haven’t noticed, has been moving toward the functional/active stream, creating outfits that are more utilitarian rather than formal and elegant. This collaboration between the brands could be the turning point where fashion changes forever. 

The idea of wearing this collaboration only shows the world that it is ready for the colours, the bulkiness and the outdoors. With the iconic puffers from North Face, how could you not want to go on a hike or snowboard down a mountain? These pieces are going to bring out the fashion trend that is ‘movement’. 

Movement may be a funny way to think about fashion. But, the truth is movement was never a necessity for fashion. Fashion was always about the looks. The looks being tight where you couldn’t move, or heavy from the number of materials or accessories, or even breathability when it came to formal wear. 

This collaboration is a new standard, showing the world that fashion can be whatever you want it to be. If you like big hiking boots, or touques, instead of high heels and neckties this is the collaboration for you. 

This collaboration also brings two brands together that are changing the fashion world for the better. Recently, creative director Alessandro Michele announced the brand was moving towards bi-annual collections, taking away the 4 seasons that are usually produced each year. 

This is a move toward a more eco-conscious company, that takes notice of its carbon footprint. With bi-annual collections, the brand can create less waste, but also a more exclusive catalogue. This is perfect for its collaboration with North Face as they as well just announced the step forward to a more eco-conscious brand with the use of ECONYL which is regenerated nylon.

All these steps toward this collaboration only show that this would be one of the best releases of the year. Everything about this collaboration is smart and is changing the way of the fashion industry. 

If you want to rock these looks next year, good luck, the raffle releases on January 9, and the public sale on the 22nd.