Do Harry Jowsey and Melinda Melrose from Perfect Match Season 2 kiss?

Harry Perfect Match

June 12, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @stroytimewithrikkii, a screenshot from @realityashley Instagram here shows that the cast from Season 2 of Perfect Match is reportedly spilling some hot tea about the latest season.

Someone reportedly commented that the girls on this season should stay away from Harry as he is allegedly a problem. Melinda- who also stars in the show- commented back saying that he is “probably the worst human being on this planet” and that the audience will allegedly see why in a few days.

Harry Perfect Match Melinda

What does this mean exactly?

The newest episodes of the season will drop this Friday, June 14. As the TikToker notes, based on the preview, it looks like Melinda shares a kiss with someone, and that person “denies” kissing her. Accoridng to Melinda’s comment, we can likely assume it may have something to do with Harry as he seemingly has a history of hooking up with Too Hot To Handle castmates.

However, we won’t know for sure until the rest of the episodes drop.

What are your thoughts on this viral comment?

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