It’s official: the Yellowstone co-stars confirmed their real-life relationship. How did the fans react?

In a recent Instagram post on the actor’s account, Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham were seen kissing beside a bonfire, confirming their off-stage relationship, as noted by People.

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison

Photo Credits: Instagram / @ryanbinghamofficial

“More than a spark 🔥,” the caption of the photo read. The actress replied to the photo with a loving comment. “I love you, cowboy. 🥰”, she wrote.

Fans quickly started showing their love and support for the actors and their new relationship in the comment section. “I’m hearing hearts break around the world, mine included. In all seriousness, this makes my heart so happy and I’m glad you found love again! I can’t wait for the music that comes along with this!” a comment read. “I guess what we’ve all suspected is now IG official.” another Instagram user wrote. “When art imitates life it can produce art. I’d bet songs are on the way! Congratulations!!” said another.

Hassie Harrison Ryan Bingham

Photo Credits: Peacock

Rumors about a potential off-stage relationship between the co-stars appeared recently, after Bingham commented on a birthday Instagram post of Hassie’s. “Happy Birthday HH.” he wrote in the comment section of the photo showing Harrison on a horse.

Ryan Bingham, 42, shares three children with ex-wife Anna Axster. The Grammy-winning musician and Axster broke up in 2021, following a 12-year marriage, according to E! News.

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