Founded in a Toronto studio by Turkish-Canadian designer Yasemin Mutlu, Hestia jewels creates modern fine jewellery that’s timeless. Inspired by the Mediterranean, contemporary designs, and the power of precious stones and jewels, Yasemin has created a line that’s unique but accessible. Not only does Hestia feature one-of-a-kind pieces, but you also have the option of personalising your purchase. With an emphasis on the healing powers of stones, we really love the look of Hestia Jewels, but also the message behind every piece.We spoke with Yasemin about what drives her and what makes Hestia Jewels so special.

When did you first start Hestia Jewels? What was that journey like for you?

I started Hestia after my education at GIA (Gemological Institute of America). It was 2006 and I decided to get into fine jewellery in Toronto. I already had a passion for the industry and for jewellery, but having a solid education behind me, put me on the right track of what I wanted to do. From the start, I wanted to offer an affordable line of fine jewelry that would be accessible for everyone. While at the same time having that substantial look of jewellery with diamons, 14k and 18k gold. At the core, I always wanted to make it affordable for the young generations while still creating timeless pieces.

What is your design style? How do you make your collections unique?

My design style is mostly to create pieces that are great for everyday wear, while having a unique look. I prefer to use fancy cut diamonds, as well as baguettes, princess and emerald cuts, any stones and gems that are step-cut and rectilinear elongated cuts, they’re more modern and edgy yet feminine at the same time. Then when choosing the gemstones, I like to look into the healing powers of them. I guess it’s a bit for superstitious reasons, but different gems have a different allure to them. Most often the customer selects a gem based on their birthstone or the healing powers of it so I try to accomadate that. For example, in the new Neo Classic line, I selected specific gems that bring wellness and luck, and customers can customise them and choose how they want to wear the earrings — according to their birthstones or the feelings they’re having in that moment.

Who or what inspires you and your designs?

I would say more contemporary women and women who are strong and independent — who choose what they wear and how they wear it.
These strong women that inspire me, know exactly what they want and want something special for themselves. They also want to make a statement with every piece they choose.

What’s your personal jewellery philosophy? How do you wear your jewellery?

I have been collecting jewellery for many years. When I’m going out during nights I like to wear one or more pieces. Especially rings, cocktail rings, that make a statement with my wardrobe. But for everyday pieces I like to layer them up. I usually wear a lot of earrings with baguette cut diamonds and then necklaces to go with that. I mix and match them with long gold chains. And I also have charms that I have been collecting for years so I wear those. I always wear my evil-eye because I’m superstitious like that. And I like to wear a lot of fish charms because fish symbolism has various meanings in tune with prosperity and wealth. At the same time, I also like the meaning behind our fish collection, which gives back to the community through Lucky Iron Fish So that empowers me a lot as we love to support social causes.

Do you sell predominately through retail or online?

Both. We sell through our own website and at our showroom by appointment, and also through retail stores like fine jewelry boutiques ‘Made You Look’ and ‘On The Other Hand’ in Toronto, and at six national ‘La Maison Simons’ stores along with online.

What are your best-selling pieces?

In the Essential collection, our hoop earrings and chains are our best-selling items. With the Diamond Star collection, the bar necklace and earrings are sold out — we’re having a hard time to stock them. In the Neoclassic collection, the bar earrings sold out immediately and people can wear them with their own studs so they’re very popular.

What do you think is a must-have item from your latest collection?

I would recommend the bar earring and I love the look of the gold bar earrings, as well as the garnet and smoky quartz.

What’s coming up next for you and Hestia?

In the coming year, and specifically this summer, we’ll be releasing more stack-up rings with diamonds and rose gold. And we have little charm pendants that are more superstitious, going along with our tarot card artwork that is currently on our Instagram. We’re wishing everyone Five good elements and positive meanings for the new year, and are in the process of designing good luck and positive charm pendants for them.

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