In honour of the Black Lives Matter movement, here is a selection of pieces from a variety of different artists selected @blackartistspace. What’s particularly moving about some of these artists, is the significance behind their work, which offers insight through their lens, including some powerful pieces highlighting the relevance and raw emotion that individuals face as a result of systematic racism. In addition, some of these creations highlight the passion and talent of different artists, some of their paintings are of noteworthy musicians/celebrities, and some can be left to your own interpretation. Their art is accompanied by their caption. The weight of the world is on our shoulders, and many of these paintings remind us of the strength and courage manifested by black people based on what they have had to endure and continue to endure, as a result of the cruelty and injustice in our world. #blacklivesmatter 

Artist: @phantomartproject

“I have a lot to say but in times like these, it’s hard. There is so much to feel and in my opinion, it is right to feel. I am not ok with what happened to George Floyd, with what happened to Breonna Taylor, with what happened to Ahmaud Arbery and with what happened to David McAtee… along with the countless other black people in the US and around the world. Anyone with eyes and a heart should not be ok with any of it either.”

Artist: @hakimdadream_ 

“The revolution is this Genocide, my execution might be televised. To all my fellow creatives let’s please use our voice to spread awareness of this issue and put it out to the people. To all my photographers make sure you document all that’s happening so they won’t be able to change the narrative for our kids. It’s important that we come together and attack from all angles. They can’t stop all of us…”

Artist: @florealidesignsbyjonelle 
Artist: @Mello4eva 

Jaden and Willow Smith “I planned to paint both separately for many reasons, but I found a dope photo of them together and a variation of this vision hit me. These two have done a lot of good aside from the accolades accumulated throughout their lives…Due to all the different abilities, these two have with instruments, music, acting, etc… I want to call this piece “VERSATILITY”.”

Artist: @robertngare1

Sade – Singer, songwriter, and actress. “There is something very intimate, therapeutic, warm and familiar about listening to Sade’s voice, especially in these strange and isolated times it feels like she transports you to somewhere..ordinary, speaking to you directly and almost inviting you to have a little glimpse of her soul.”

Artist: @ija_monet

Beautifully crafted, detailed, and colourful piece “Idk you may think you know someone but there’s always something new to discover, so don’t look skin deep when you have no idea what’s beneath the surface.” Artist: @imcrystalc

“We are the forbidden fruit of modern society and instead of letting our culture exploit my body and tell me what I should accept about me, I chose for myself. I guess I learned a little self worth in my 22 years.”

Artist: @amos_xeas

“Felt the need to bring this back for a time like this. I hope my painting inspires you to stay happy, live freely, and enjoy every moment you have as the Earth heals ?. #staysafe HAPPINESS IS FREE.” Artist: @robertprovilus

“no justice. no peace.” Artist: @artby_dinah

“My Roots – Ancestry, Identity, and Culture.”

Artist: @aboya.8

“From the start, I’ve always had that feeling of fear whenever I make a decision for my life. The fear of uncertainty and self-doubt. Everything begins to feel hopeless. It’s like moving in deep waters, you can’t see where your feet step next but you move anyways because you’re hopeful in vast hopelessness and because the creator has said that. “When you go through deep waters I will be with you, guiding you till you find the shores, till you find a home.” Therefore choose your path and take that leap of faith even through deep waters and watch how everything stretches out from unknown places to help and guide you reach home. Inspired by myself”

Artist: @robertprovilus

Something incredibly beautiful and raw about this painting by

Artist: @brandonthomasbrown 

“I Can No Longer Protect You. Dedicated to my mother.”

Artist: @brandonthomasbrown 

“Everyone has problems, and learning to share them is essential. Hiding pain requires an enormous amount of energy; sharing it is liberating.” 

Artist: @riahwireko