Coach Chloe chats stretching your budget and how to improve your nighttime routine.

Meet Chloe Alleyne (@thesweatmovement). She’s a mom, certified personal trainer, and WW D360 coach who is based in Toronto. Today, HOLR is sitting down with Coach Chloe to discuss her awesome tips and how digital apps like WW can help you stay motivated this year.

Keep reading to find out Chloe’s top ways to stretch your budget, improve your nighttime routine and incorporate the best healthy recipes into your weekly routine.

Now that 2022 is officially upon us, how can digital apps such as WW help us stay motivated and on track as we look to reach personal food, activity, mindset, and sleep goals set for the New Year?

The WW app is fully loaded with features to help members with a very holistic approach to weight loss and wellness. The app makes weekly meal planning easier with its Meal Planning tool that hosts over 9,000 recipes- they’re also pre-made weekly meal plans.

obe helps you focus on moving more. When you’re not getting enough sleep, making healthy decisions is harder. The sleep tracker helps you become more aware of your sleep patterns so you can focus on getting better shut-eye and feeling your best.

Mindset is also key to sticking healthy habits and bite-size behaviour change techniques and mini-meditations any time you need them. For instance, breethe offers guided meditations and there are also five-minute audio coaching sessions from WW’s Director of Behavior Change, Allison Grupski.

With the D360 membership, you can join an amazing community that shares tips, setbacks, and celebrations so you’re never on the journey alone.

With the cost of groceries on the rise, how can we organize our kitchens for success and stretch our budgets when it comes to prepping our favourite recipes?

Look in your cupboards! Adding a can of beans to things like meat sauce or chilis can help extend them for another meal or two.

Planning and meal prep also help to make sure you get the most out of your groceries. For example, be sure to take a quick inventory of your fridge and cupboards- especially perishable items- before your next grocery shop to make sure you’ve got a plan for anything that’s nearing the end of its life.

Also, pick recipes that let you sub in frozen or canned goods. Oftentimes, you can get just as much of a nutritional punch as fresh, at a lower price point. They’re also a sure way to ensure there is no waste and that there is highly nutritious food always handy. Just make sure to keep an eye on additives like salt.

What are some healthy recipes we can incorporate into our weekly routines?

I love one-pot or sheet pan meals, especially during busy weekdays. Prep is usually quicker and clean-up definitely is!

Check out these must-try recipes below for some inspiration:

Garlic-thyme chicken with cauliflower, potatoes, and olives

Roasted salmon with chickpeas, zucchini, and red pepper

Zucchini Noodles with Tomato-Basil Cream

Greek Quinoa Bowl with Chickpeas and Eggplant

WW rotini with creamy broccoli sauce

Crustless mozzarella, roasted pepper, and spinach tarts

Smokey Sausage and Beef Stew

Chocolate Almond Nice Cream

We all know how important getting a good night’s sleep is, so what steps should we take to create and maintain a solid night-time routine?

  • Be consistent – try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day.
  • Plan ahead! Start winding down for bed (calm activities, no screen time) well before you hit the sheet. If you need help winding down, try a guided meditation like the ones from Breethe in the WW app.
  •  Track your sleep and monitor it on an ongoing way with the WW app so you can start to identify patterns and make changes to improve your sleep.
  • Limit your caffeine: I’m a huge coffee drinker but if I have a cup after 3 pm, I find myself wide awake at 11 pm. Tolerance for caffeine does vary per individual so just be mindful that if you’re finding it hard to sleep avoid drinking caffeinated drinks later in the day.
  • Keep your bedroom clean and tidy. It should feel like a sanctuary for sleep, and that’s hard to accomplish if your laundry is thrown on the floor and your bed is a mess.

Published by HOLR Magazine.