During the colder months, if you’re not cozying up on the couch, chances are you’re going to need an appropriate outfit for leaving the house. Getting dressed in the colder weather is a struggle enough on its own, but now you have to look cute?! Fear not, this article will help break down the “dos and don’ts” for when you’re getting date-ready on a snowy day.


Winter date ensembles are all about keeping warm while still maintaining a sense of fashion. I would stay away from anything too revealing or, on the other hand, too baggy. Before I get started, I must disclaim that the choice is ultimately up to you. Remember to stick with what you feel comfortable in and don’t stray from your own personal style. Some suggestions I can offer are listed below for inspiration, take from it what you will. 



‘Tis the season of the thick-knit. You can do a hell of a lot with a big, oversized sweater. From turtlenecks, to crewnecks, to mock-necks, the options are endless. If you’re going for a more casual feel, you can pair a big ol’ turtleneck knit with some fitted dark denim jeans and a pair of ankle booties which will make for a trendy date outfit. 



Similar to the chunky sweater, I present to you the comfortable sweater dress—which is essentially a bigger, longer version of the sweater, also perfect for a date. If you want to dress yourself up, throw on a sweater dress and add a belt around your waist to emphasize your physique. You can pair this with a pair of festive-coloured (or neutral) tights to make it dressier. To keep your legs extra warm I would put on some over-the-knee boots with this ensemble. 




Sweater Dress, Photo via Pinterest




Hey, why not spice things up with a loud print? After all, you’re going to need a little heat on a chilly day. Fun prints can vary from animal print to muted patterns. If you’re going to choose this option, I recommend keeping the print to a minimal. For example, if you wear funky pants, keep the rest of your outfit pretty neutral—you can be loud without screaming. Try adding either a plaid blazer, leopard print pants, checkered pants, or a cheetah print coat to an otherwise basic outfit with neutrals, adding a little spice to your outfit. 



Via StyleCaster




Layer up your outfits with either a suede jacket or maybe a leather and shearling jacket to stay extra cozy during your date. Adding this texture can create a level of warmth and style. If you’re not feeling the jacket, you can also layer a leather or suede skirt with tights. Or if you prefer to keep the leather on your feet, you can opt for leather or suede boots! Either option is super on trend right now.


Faux Leather Coat, Via Google Images



Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean we are forgetting about the mini dress. This is when layering becomes your best friend. Imagine a velvet mini dress with tights, pumps, a blazer, and a lot of gold jewellery. Dressing up never felt so excessive and fun.



For the love of all things fashion, please never forget the scarves, belts, jewellery, hats, shoes, tights, and purses. This is what will tie you together and bundle you up on coldest, most magical nights. The most important thing of all is to have fun with dressing up and express yourself, freely and fashionably. 


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