A unique jewelry piece may be all it takes to complete your outfits. Think about accessories such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and grillz. If properly thought out, they make such a great statement about your sense of fashion. 

The look is even more amplified if the jewelry was previously worn by a famous celebrity. Onlookers get a chance to have a piece of their icon’s fashion by looking at you. If this is something you’d like to try out, here’s a seven-point list of top celebrity-inspired jewelry pieces to amp your style:


Deepika Padukone’s Dangle Earrings

Deepika’s jewelry and outfit combinations make her look super elegant and regal. Her dangle earrings, for example, are highly flexible and can go with diverse outfits, such as jumpsuits, lehenga, or sarees, long dinner dresses, and others.

They come in several designs, shapes, colors, and sizes. Go for a color that matches your hair color. If you’re blonde, you may want to choose the goldish ones. Size-wise, feel free to wear them as big as you like and mirror Deepika’s boldness.


Katy Perry’s Grillz

Nothing speaks more about hip-hop culture than one or two grillz on your teeth. Picture America’s sweetheart Katy Perry striding down the red carpet with customized grillz reading ROAR. While they served as publicity for her popular song with the same name, you can’t overlook the bold fashion statement she made.


Other celebrities like Nelly, Beyonce, T-Pain, and Lil Wayne have also worn grillz at some point in their career. You, too, can join the grillz brigade by getting your fronts from reputable suppliers, such as Gold Grillz


Marilyn Monroe’s Diamond Bracelet

For a minimalist look, consider donning a diamond bracelet like the one Marilyn Monroe wore in 1959. The thin silverish chain interspersed with shiny diamonds is very elegant. It’s good if you wear it with a long off-shoulder dress or any other sleeveless top. This way, everyone won’t help but notice the bracelet at the wrist-end of your bare arms. Then, head off to a girl’s party, your wedding, or even a romantic date. 


Kylie’s V-Ring

Tired of the monotonous round rings that every Tom, Dick, and Harry spot? Try Kylie’s V-ring. It’s both stylish and subtle. It also makes your fingers look a little elongated and prettier because it points at the nails. Thus, it works well if you have expertly manicured nails. Whoever looks won’t help but notice both the rings and the patterns on your nails.


Blake Lively’s Arpel And Van Cleef Lookalike Necklace

Blake, together with several other celebrities, loves this popular type of necklace. You can wear them, too, so you can look as classy and stylish as them. They feature a thin silverish strap with several motifs along the length. The motifs can be of any color–from blue to black, gold, pink, or brown–and of any shape–from diamond to round, square, or star.

They look pretty on you especially when you wear a low-neck top or short summer dress. You may also want to choose a length that rests just above your cleavage in a bid to flaunt your assets.


Kiara Advani’s Tassel Earrings

In addition to Kiara’s acting prowess in the film industry, there’s no denying that her fashion game is top-notch. She tops it all up with her tassel earrings, which are also very gorgeous and versatile. While many earrings feature a plastic or metallic body, these comprise several strands of fiber or beads, otherwise referred to as tassels. As you walk, the tassels dangle gracefully beneath your ears, adding a sense of charm to your fashion.

You want a tassel color that matches your outfit. For instance, if you wear a black dress, a red tassel will do. Given the wide range of choices available, they’re appropriate for many colorful occasions, including Diwali, parties, and weddings.

Kiara Advani’s Tassel Earrings

Julia Roberts’ Emerald Green Necklace

Last but not the least in this list is the emerald green necklace reminiscent of Julia Roberts’ heydays. 

Diamond portrays an excellent touch of class. If you’re planning an event where you need to stand out from the rest of the crowd, say your wedding, make a point of wearing the emerald green necklace. The lustrous green looks beautiful on a white gown and captures the attention of all onlookers.



As you can see, it’s practical to steal the looks of your favorite celebrities. Whatever jewelry you’ve spotted out there with your favorite icon, there’s surely a replica in the market for your consideration. The above seven are a good starting point to elevate your fashion style. Once you try them all, feel free to experiment even further with other celebrity-inspired jewelry.

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