woman in white wedding dress standing beside man in black suit

If you are planning to become a guest at someone’s wedding party or similar event to celebrate years in love spent by the wife and a husband, be ready for marriage wishes.

Try not be trite. A bride and groom will forget some standard phrases in a second — hook newlyweds with your touching words about their endless love and happiness. Or you can share your wisdom and experience well-wrapped into breathtaking marriage wishes. Take a closer look at what to say and catch everyone’s attention!

Original Marriage Wishes: Poems, Quotes, and Jokes

Sure, you can try improvisation and declare a toast off-hand. But you risk forgetting something or being too nervous to congratulate a bride and a groom well. A fantastic idea is to use poems as marriage wishes for a couple in love.


May your life be filled with laughter,
And your love burns brighter after.
Here’s to a lifetime of bliss,
May you seal it with a kiss.

Additionally, you can spice up your congratulatory speech with quotes about love and philosophy about family life.


“Love plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.” — Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook)

Most happy marriage anniversary wishes are formal, like speeches and toasts for brides and grooms. Nevertheless, you can be original with jokes to please a couple and impress other guests, for instance:

  • The phenomenon of a happy marriage is still a phenomenon for all of us.
  • Do not blow each other’s roof off too fast. Get used to having pleasure from the process. Cheers!
  • Have common interests — dispute, drink, have sex, and many more! Welfare!

If you are looking forward to finding formal and modest but interesting wishes for a wedding, take a closer look at gorgeous Latin phrases. They will come in handy to highlight the philosophy of healthy and caring relationships.


  • Spend all your life MANUS IN MANO (Eng. HAND IN HAND).

You can capture the tenderness of these words on the card and other engraved gifts. Note that it is essential to get ready for your speech. If you have already prepared marriage wishes, it is high time to rehearse your declaration.

How to Say Marriage Wishes?

You should talk loudly and make all the words and word combinations clear for the audience. Try to speak slowly. Declare all the thoughts carefully and make pauses while smiling. Your emotions matter when it comes to the touching speech. Ask someone to watch your run lines, or try rehearsing in front of the mirror first.

Before wishing, stop eating and drinking to have an empty mouth for excellent pronunciation. Enjoy the reel your relatives will shoot to capture your perfect marriage wishes and the reaction of the main heroes of this occasion!

Published by HOLR Magazine.