For many people, wearing jewelry is all about beauty. For others, it has always been a symbol of wealth, power, and status. But there is more to wearing jewelry than just ornamental purposes. Did you know that these precious metals and stones that form jewelry can have incredible benefits for your health and well-being? Since ancient times, many cultures have used gemstones and metals for spiritual purposes and to protect and promote their health. If you are curious to discover the purported healing qualities associated with jewelry, then look no further. 


The article will explore how wearing certain types of jewelry can benefit your body and soul and give you more than just its superficial beauty.  Silver gold copper diamond


One of the most precious metals with a regal appearance and timeless beauty, gold has been a symbol of prestige, luxury, wealth, and glamour since prehistoric times. In addition, gold has also been renowned for its powerful healing abilities ever since and is known as “the master healer.” 

It provides warm, soothing vibrations to the body and assists in the healing process. Accordingly, in ancient times, gold was used to heal wounds and treat infections. To date, many people believe that putting 24-karat gold on the affected area can help heal the wound or sore area. 

Wearing a piece of gold jewelry can stimulate blood circulation and boost the oxygen flow in your body. Gold exudes positive energy and can help reduce stress, anxiety and boost your mood and emotional well-being. 


Another precious metal, silver offers users an excellent combination of price, value, and beauty. However, its benefits range beyond affordability and aesthetics. Like gold, silver is also believed to possess significant healing properties and health benefits.

Silver is a potent antimicrobial agent that can fight infections, help prevent cold and flu, and heal wounds. Long been regarded for its antibacterial properties, and many people wear silver jewelry to stave off infections, combat cold or flu symptoms, and other viruses and bacteria. Accordingly, many medical manufacturers choose to make surgical tools and bandages out of silver to help prevent the spread of infections during surgical procedures and other medicinal practices. 

Lastly, silver is said to enhance hormone production in the body and regulate glandular function. 


Throughout history, gemstones have been regarded for their mystical properties and a highly effective way to heal various health conditions and promote overall well-being. From boosting energy, increasing mental abilities to inducing positive emotions, crystals and gemstones have been long worn for their powerful positive effects on the mind, body, and soul. Here is a brief rundown of some of the most popular gems and their potential mental and physical healing abilities:


Perhaps the strongest and most expensive of all gemstones, diamonds bond people together and bring heightened emotional and mental clarity to the wearer. Their miraculous abilities also include strengthening and protecting various body organs, more specifically the heart and brain.


A member of the quartz family, this purple gem is believed to have tremendous protective, healing, and purifying properties. An amethyst pendant or necklace, which is available at any orgone store, can rid your mind of negative thoughts and help adopt and maintain deep spiritual wisdom. It is also believed to help promote sobriety and to be a cure for intoxication. Another claimed benefit of it is that it may provide relief from addiction and emotional trauma.


This red sapphire is the perfect gem for you if you want to get rid of fatigue and lethargy, as it is known to help restore vitality and energy levels. Rubies are also powerful aphrodisiacs and can improve sensuality and sex.


This precious blue stone can rid you of mental confusion, depression, and unwanted thoughts. It is believed to attract prosperity, blessings, and happiness and bring serenity and peace of mind. As for physical health, it can heal eye infections and help improve eyesight.


Another variety of quartz, citrine can diminish anger and destructive behaviors. It heals the endocrine system. It is known to bring joy, wonder, and enthusiasm and overcome feelings of fear. It helps encourage motivation and clear thinking, while also enhancing qualities like creativity and concentration.

Today, a large body of evidence claims that these metals, crystals, and stones have the power to heal people with physical and mental ailments. Accordingly, many ayurvedic and natural health practitioners recommend using certain types of jewelry for healing purposes. If you are still not convinced, how about giving these sparkly pieces a try?