When it comes to food, it’s pretty much guaranteed that all people want their food to be free of any potentially hazardous chemicals. While some foods might not avoid all chemicals, people can still try to consume a diet where all their food isn’t contaminated with anything that we don’t want.

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One group to especially watch out for are poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAs. These particular chemicals are said to be persistent pests that can last within a human being for a long time. Specifically, PFAs have half-lives upwards of eight years when ingested. The consequences of consuming PFAs are long lasting and potentially deadly— cancer, damage to human hormones, and liver toxicity are just some of the many health problems that result from PFAs consumption. 

It’s said that most people in the United States have ingested PFAs to a certain extent. This might have you believe that your chances of limiting your PFA intake is an impossible task, but luckily that’s not the case. As a matter of fact, avoiding PFAs in food is easier than you may have thought.


Cut Out Fast Food

One crucial thing you can do is cut fast food and microwave popcorn out of your diet completely. This is because PFAs contain properties that make them repellent to both oil and water. Not the food, however; the paper which its wrapped in contains fluorine, a key component of PFAs. That’s why so many health experts have said that avoiding— or at least limiting— your consumption of fast food is the best way to go.

Be Mindful of Animal Products! 

Another important thing to do is to be mindful of any animal products you consume. PFAs are typically embedded into the tissues of certain animals, making them the perfect breeding grounds for such chemicals. The biggest culprit in question is seafood— and nixing PFAs from them isn’t as easy as you may have thought. If you believed that simply buying organic seafood for a change will address the issue, then you’re sadly mistaken. Instead, your best bet is being wise as to what kinds of seafood you choose to consume. Experts says that following the same rules you’d use to avoid mercury and heavy metals in seafood is the wisest course of action to take. This is the best way to avoid PFAs in your seafood.


Pick Your Pans!

The final way to avoid PFAs getting into your food comes down to what kind of pan you use when cooking. Non-stick pans may seem helpful, but they come with their own issues. The minute it’s scratched or damaged, throw it out immediately to keep chemicals from being food directly into your food. Afterwards, purchase a pan that can’t accidently cook PFAs into your food. That will keep your chemical intake low, which is best for your health.

Avoiding PFAs, as it turns out, is simpler than you may have initially believed. You just have to take the careful steps mentioned above to help limit the possibility of your food becoming contaminated with these dangerous chemicals. It will certainly take some extra time and effort— that much is for certain, but anyone can do it if they do it right.



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