Why is Iceland volcano eruption trending online? HOLR breaks it down.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @ruvfrettir, a volcanic eruption is imminent in Iceland in which residents of a fishing town have been evacuated and aviation alerts have been raised.

Iceland Earthquakes

As noted in the TikTok video, there have been 3 volcanic eruptions in the area in the last 3 years- although they have been small and tourist-friendly. They were also away from towns and tourist structures. However, this time, Grindavik was evacuated due to the recent seismic activity and alleged threat of a potential volcanic eruption. The Blue Lagoon has already been closed as well.

Allegedly, the situation is developing quickly, in which a fissure could rupture causing an eruption of lava. Seismic activity has been heavy and sharp in the past 24 hours alone, sparking concern. There was also an earthquake that occurred during a live interview with the mayor, causing damage in multiple areas.

Iceland Volcano 2023

One TikToker, @lavashowiceland, gave a personal update on the situation.


Volcano watch in Iceland ⚠️ The situation is serious and the scenarios that have been paimted up as the most likely are not pretty bad. If it will erupt, it could be a large eruption potentially viping out the town of Grindavík only 40 km (25mi) from the capital area of Reykjavik. #volcaniceruption #volcanoiceland #icelandvolcano #holuhraun #grindavik #iceland #volcano #lava #magma #lavashow #ladylava #magmaintrution #eruption #travel #explotion #traveliceland #grave #danger #evacuation #bluelagoon

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The TikToker claims that they are seemingly expecting a relatively large eruption in the next few hours or days. According to the TikToker, everyone is “super worried” right now as they are uncertain what will occur.

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