Some prefer their chocolate smooth and sweet, while others like it dark and intense – regardless of your flavour preference, Lindt Maître Chocolatiers want to help you create a chocolate masterpiece with these delicious recipes, fit for every occasion, any time of year.     

If you’re looking for a reason to celebrate with a chocolate treat, here are two! World Chocolate Day on July 7 and National Milk Chocolate Day on July 28 

The Lindt SWISS CLASSIC Gold Milk Chocolate Bar 300g – $8.99 in Lindt SWISS CLASSIC deluxe brownie recipe is perfect for sharing. These decadent brownies only take 30 minutes to prepare and deliver a burst of flavour with every bite. 




If you’re feeling fancy and want to level up your MasterChef skills with an elegant dessert, try the Lindt EXCELLENCE Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar 100g – $4.79 in the Milk Chocolate and Cardamom Panna CottaThis velvety dessert has a rich decadent flavour that is sure to impress.     




For a simpler pleasure sure to tantalize your tastebuds with the best of both worlds, milk and dark chocolate, experience the new Lindt LINDOR Double Chocolate Truffles Bag 150g $8.29. Ideal for the ultimate chocolate love, the LINDOR Double Chocolate Truffles are made with delicious Swiss milk chocolate enrobing a delectably smooth dark chocolate melting centre – perfect for sharing or simply enjoying all to yourself

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